Earthships use photovoltaic solar panels and wind power for the creation of energy, and a system of deep cell batteries for the long term storage. Each source is automated and can include a connection to the grid of power within the house.

Wind Power


One of the most common methods of sustainable energy is using the energy from moving wind with wind turbines. Windmills have been used for millennia to create mechanical energy. In Earthships, the energy is connected to a generator which yields electricity. The windmill, designed by Michael Reynolds and found in Earthships, uses a vertical axis which spins vertically, similar to the tea cups ride at a theme park, each spinning around on its own. This is the opposite of the more familiar windmill, which rotates horizontally.

A wind turbine using a vertical axis has multiple benefits over a horizontal axis turbine. One of the most beneficial aspects of the vertical axis wind turbine is it does not need to face the wind for it to work successfully. This allows the turbine to work efficiently even when the wind changes directions.The Dynasphere uses two DC generators which provide 7.5 amps of continual dual source energy to the turbine. The turbine design was created for both functionality and aesthetics. Recycled and reclaimed metal and other pieces are used for the artwork design on the turbine blades.

Solar Panels

Photovoltaic panels have been in use for decades, and the efficiency has continually improved. Each Earthship can have as many panels as needed, without compromising the water collection of the home.

Getting Electricity

The energy collected from the sun and wind is stored in batteries. The electricity is drawn from the Earthship batteries using a Power Organizing Module, or POM. Part of the DC electricity is inverted into AC electricity for home usage. POMs are utilized throughout the United States, each requiring specific codes to follow. Due to the mass production of POMs, each unit is made efficiently and economically. With the coding information aspects and components built-in, your electrician won’t need to be involved with any electrical design aspects.