Mission Statement

Earthship Village Colorado is committed to the development of an extraordinary new neighborhood, one designed to create the lifestyles those who wish to live sustainably, self-sufficiently, and in harmony with the earth, without giving up individuality or the comforts of home.


Over the next several years, 75 unique homes, conceived in the style of Michael Reynolds’ famous Earthship Biotecture in Taos, New Mexico, will be constructed just east of Colorado Springs. The neighborhood will be located on 400 acres of gorgeous prairie with magnificent views of Pikes Peak and the iconic Front Range. Each five-acre homestead will be self-sufficient: capable of producing its own electricity, collecting its own water, disposing of its own waste, and growing its own food.


  • Link to article in Colorado Independent by Matthew Schniper (scheduled for June 4)
  • Link to coverage of June 14th event by Colorado Springs Public Radio Station
  • The Earthship Village booth at The Capitol Hill People’s Fair in Denver, CO, June 7-8, 2014


Volunteer Opportunities

Earthship Village Colorado offers a variety of volunteer opportunities ranging from physically demanding on-site collaboration with our experienced Earthship Build Crew, to liking Earthship Village Colorado on Facebook and encouraging their friends to do the same.

The concept of Earthships is something people want to be involved in, even if they are not yet ready to purchase an Earthship of their own, because it utilizes materials that, if discarded, can be harmful to the environment but, reclaimed in this fashion, are not only neutralized but actually become positive factors in the environment.

This is one of the many things that draw volunteers to EVCO. Another is the community created by helping build this new neighborhood. Many people who volunteer for EVCO are already dedicated to the principles of sustainability, self-sufficiency, and off-the-grid living, and so are inclined to support and want to be part of the development of a community dedicated to the convergence of all those ideals. Many are already familiar with the Earthship concept and are enthusiastic that Earthships are now being built in Colorado in a neighborhood fashion. Others are interested in learning more about the structure and design of Earthships and still others want to meet and work with Michael Reynolds.

What can EVCO volunteers do?

  • Like EVCO on Facebook (and encourage friends to do the same)
  • Get the word out about upcoming events through your social media platforms, email lists, and in-person connections
  • Assist with EVCO educational events
  • Work at booths/tables at fairs, festivals, and other events to talk to people about Earthships in general and EVCO itself
  • Participate in the construction of Earthships (under supervision of the trained building crew)

If you have a specific talent that you would like to make available to EVCO,