A beautiful new neighborhood is being developed just east of Colorado Springs, on 400 acres of gorgeous prairie, with vistas of Pikes Peak and the Front Range. This neighborhood will bring about an extraordinary life-style for people who wish to live with the luxury of self-reliance and in harmony with nature.

Stay informed.

  • Attached Greenhouse

    Each Earthship has a built-in greenhouse along its south facing wall.

  • Beautiful Living Spaces

    Although Earthships are constructed from recycled material, they are typically exquisite inside.

  • The Global Model

    Earthships are designed to create comfortable living in any climate (even chilly Montana). This global model weds awe inspiring performance with a clean elegant design.

  • Rain on the Roof

    Earthships harvest the water that falls on their roof. Our site receives 16.54" of rain each year which is more than double the amount needed.

  • Pikes Peak

    The land is graced with a gorgeous view of Pikes Peak and the Front Range.

When: Sunday July 13th at 10am at Bleating Hearts and EVCO at 4pm
Location: Bleating Hearts Animal Sanctuary & EVCO
Cost: FREE
We will be picking up tires from the Bleating Hearts Animal Sanctuary in Coal Creek Canyon and transporting them to Earthship Village. This is an opportunity to help clean up an animal sanctuary and advance the building of an Earthship on the same day.
Address: send an email to daniel@earthshipvillagecolorado.com for specific details